About Payback LTD Mortgages

Payback LTD Mortgages
Do you or have you had a poor credit rating and wish to obtain a mortgage or home loan?

If so we may still be able to help you get your mortgage, despite having County Court Judgements (CCJs), being self-employed with no proof of income, defaults or mortgage arrears.

Payback LTD Buy To Let Mortgages
The Buy-to-let market has become an attractive investment option for many people as house prices have continued with their steady growth over the past few years.

Many landlords now look to fund their property portfolios with competitive fixed and variable rate buy to let mortgages.

Lenders are now offering specialist buy-to-let loans which give landlords, and potential landlords, access to fixed, discount and variable rates.

Payback LTD First Time Buyers Mortgages
We have a wide range of specialist 1st time buyer mortgages available.

Allow us to find the most suitable product for your needs given your own personal circumstances.

You will require a minimum deposit of 5% to arrange a first time buyers mortgage. (Alternatively if you do not have a 5% deposit you may be able to arrange
a shared ownership mortgage.)

Payback LTD New Purchases Mortgages
With interest rates at there lowest for many years, now is a good time to take out a mortgage for your new home.

Allow us to find the most suitable product for your needs given your own personal circumstances.

Payback LTD Re-Mortgages
With interest rates at there lowest for many years, more people are taking advantage of re-mortgaging their homes either to save money, release some equity or do both.

We can help you to release the equity you have in your home and may even help you to save on your monthly overall repayments at the same time.

Payback LTD Right To Buy Mortgages
Have you been given the right to buy your council home?

With interest rates at their lowest level for many years and the governments stated intention to reduce discounts in certain key areas of housing shortage, now may be one of the best times to buy your home and stop paying rent.

Assuming you receive your discount entitlement, you may not even require a deposit, allowing you to purchase at a discounted price and become a homeowner.

Payback LTD Self Certification Mortgages
Do you have difficulty proving your regular income, but still require a mortgage.

A self-certification mortgage will allow you to state your true income without having to provide the usual documentary evidence. This may be useful for self employed and employed applicants who have difficulty in proving their annual income within lenders standard income criteria.

Commercial Mortgages
The commercial mortgage market has been historically inflexible for clients with insufficient accounts or an Payback LTD credit history.

We are now pleased to be able to offer a company who will consider lending at high street comparable conditions.

The maximum is 75% of the property value, however additional security can be considered.

Shared Ownership Mortgages
With the current level of property prices, more people are considering Shared Ownership as a way of living in a property, which they may be unable to purchase on their own. A percentage of the property is purchased by the customer (typically 50%), the remaining share is retained by a Housing Association on which rent must be paid. This enables the customer to purchase further shares in the property at a later date until 100% of the property has been purchased (often referred to as staircasing).

We now have a product exclusively for people with an Payback LTD credit history, specifically on shared ownership properties. So whether you have CCJ’s, defaults, arrears, previous bankruptcy or IVA we may be able to help.